What are the activities of the NSG?

The NSG holds the following meetings:

  • Plenary
    - The NSG Plenary works on the basis of consensus. Overall responsibility for activities lies with the NSG Participating Governments who meet once a year in a Plenary meeting.
    - The Plenary can decide to set up working groups, with recommendations by the Consultative Group, on matters such as the review of the NSG Guidelines, the Annexes, the procedural arrangements, information sharing and transparency activities.
    - The NSG Plenary can also mandate the Chair to conduct outreach activities with specific countries.

  • Consultative Group (CG)
    The CG is the NSG's standing intersessional working body, tasked to hold consultations on issues associated with the Guidelines on nuclear supply and the technical annexes. The CG takes its decisions by consensus.

  • Information Exchange Meeting (IEM)
  • Licensing and Enforcement Experts Meeting (LEEM)
    IEM and LEEM precede the NSG Plenary and provide opportunities for Participating Governments to share information and developments of relevance to the objectives and content of the NSG Guidelines. Joint sessions are dedicated to cases of common relevance.

  • Working Groups:
    Dedicated Meeting of Technical Experts (DMTE)
    Upon mandate from Budapest 2009 Plenary to the CG, the DMTE started in 2010 carrying out a holistic “Fundamental Review” of NSG control lists.